Advanced Concepts

Appearing here are examples of some of the more advanced technologies and applications Ecliptic has investigated.

In some cases, these concepts are moving from the R&D phase into the early implementation stage.

Featured Advanced Concepts


Video system and experiment controller for inflatable habitable module


Video system for commercial crew capsule

 MPCV on Delta IV

Video system for crew capsule demo launch

 MKIII PLus_vibe

CubeSat P-POD deployer with integral video and environment sensing system

 Spinning lander

Spinning planetary lander


High-Definition spacecraft video system

 Themis scoping

Assessing fiber-optic camera placement for multi-spacecraft deployment system (collaboration with Swales)

 CIT spectrometer

Repackaged medical spectrometer

 ILC Dover blimp 

Internal airship video system

 Helicopter hook camera 

Video system for helicopter cargo hook


System for deep detection of water tables and geologic voids