Rugged and versatile avionics units serve as the core of Ecliptic's product family.  

Typical applications involve a central avionics unit interfaced to one or more additional avionics units, sensors or mechanical devices on the host platform.

These units are tailored via hardware and software configuration options to control and monitor a given subsystem on the host platform while avoiding complicated interfaces with the other platform subsystems, ultimately simplifying the integration, test and operational phases of the project's lifecycle.

Our slice-based avionics architecture (PC-104 form factor) provides enhanced modularity and configuration flexibility in a small, light package.

Featured Avionics Examples

 PC-104 DVS

Complete video system for monitoring GEO comsat antenna deployments 


Subsystem controller (LCROSS science payload controller)

 Taurus 2 DVC

Core avionics for a complete launch vehicle onboard video system (video broadcast live)


Core avionics for a complete launch vehicle onboard video system (all video stored)

 PC-104 DVC

Sequencer unit for launch vehicle secondary payload deployments

 Packaging 2

Secondary payload control avionics


Typical avionics slice (Power Support Board)


Avionics architecting


Functional block diagram 


Image compression assesment 

 PWB layout

Circuit design and layout

 PWB layout

Packaging assessment

 Chassis design

Chassis design


Mechanical Interface Control Document (MICD) 


Stress and thermal analysis


Electrical Interface Control Document (EICD) 


Harness design and production

 Board fab

Board fabrication


Tight packaging


Circuit board adaptation for rugged environments


Parts placement


Detailed parts inspection