Sep 1

Spacecraft separation sequencers (launched on Falcon 9 payload module)

Spaceflight SSO-A (earliest launch date)
Sep 12

Delta II [Final Delta II launch]

ICESat-2 (approx. date)
Sep 15

North American Eagle 800-mph supersonic car

World land speed record attempt (approx. date)
Oct 30

3U CubeSat integrated with Prox 1 (launched on Falcon Heavy / STP-2 mission)

LightSail-2 solar sailing demo (earliest launch date)


Mike Alvarez

VP of Business Development, Board Member, Officer

Mike has extensive experience in satellite control systems and test equipment in support of mission operations, and is an accomplished software engineer and software development manager.

He is responsible for day-to-day Ecliptic business-development, sales operations and customer relations with Ecliptic's larger clients.  He also contributes to the firm's R&D planning efforts and to various technical contracts.  Mike was Ecliptic's VP of Engineering for 5 years (2006-2010).

Before coming to Ecliptic, Mike worked for ten years as a software development engineer and manager for satellite control systems used for geostationary communications satellites, supporting over a dozen actual missions.  He held positions of increasing levels of responsibility for nine years at L3 Communications, Storm Control Systems Division, where he managed a team of software development engineers, developed customer requirements and derived product requirements, executed software and mission operations testing phases and supported Storm's ISO 9000 process development and certification initiative.  Mike worked at Hughes Information Technology Systems before transferring to Storm Control Systems.  (Storm Control Systems was acquired by L-3 in 1998.)

Before his work at Hughes and L3, he worked as a mechanical engineer at a paper plant in China and as a staff engineer and teaching assistant at the University of California in Santa Barbara.

  • M.S. Mechanical and Environmental Engineering, University of California at Santa Barbara
  • B.S. Mathematics and Applied Science, University of California at Los Angeles