Past Launches and Projects Featuring Ecliptic Products

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Date Vehicle Mission RocketCam Performance
2017 Jun 21 Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM) Target MDA Aegis interceptor test Results pending
2003 Feb 09 High Ships Super-Pressure Balloon American Meteorological Society Weatherfest Success
2002 Sep 28 High Ships Super-Pressure Balloon Frederick, OK, centennial Success
2011 Sep 10 GRAIL-B spacecraft ("Flow") Lunar gravity mapping Success
2011 Sep 10 GRAIL-A spacecraft ("Ebb") Lunar gravity mapping Success
2008 Aug 23 Garvey P-9A/B RocketPod demo Launch ascent anomaly precluded RocketPod activation
2005 Sep 22 DoD satellite (launched on Minotaur) Onboard video Success
2014 Dec 05 Delta IV-Heavy Orion capsule test EFT-1 Success
2003 Aug 29 Delta IV (Med) DSCS III-B6 Success
2006 Nov 04 Delta IV (Med) DMSP F17 Success
2002 Nov 20 Delta IV (Inaugural Launch) Eutelsat W5 Success
2004 Dec 21 Delta IV (Heavy) Heavy Demo Success
2007 Nov 10 Delta IV (Heavy) DSP-23 Success
2003 Mar 10 Delta IV DSCS III-A3 Success
2016 Feb 10 Delta IV Ground test of new Remote Acoustic Sensor (RAS) RocketCam Success
2000 Aug 01 Delta III Demo Mission DM-F3 Success
1997 Aug 01 Delta II
(First operational RocketCamâ„¢ Launch)
ACE Success
1997 May 01 Delta II
(Demo RocketCamâ„¢ Launch)
MS 1A Iridium Partial Success
(premature turnoff)
2018 Sep 15 Delta II [Final Delta II launch] ICESat-2 Success
2001 Dec 01 Delta II Jason and TIMED Success
2001 Apr 07 Delta II Mars Odyssey Success
2001 Aug 01 Delta II Genesis Success
2000 Jul 01 Delta II GPS IIR-5 Success
2000 Feb 01 Delta II Globalstar-6 Success
1999 Jul 01 Delta II Globalstar-5 Success
1999 Jun 01 Delta II FUSE Success
1999 Jan 01 Delta II Mars Polar Lander + DS2 Success
1999 Feb 01 Delta II Stardust Success
1998 Dec 01 Delta II Mars Climate Orbiter Success
1998 Sep 01 Delta II MS-10-Iridium Success