Management Team

Ecliptic operates with a lean management team supported by an experienced outside Board Chairman/investor.

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To augment this core team, from past and current associations we have an extensive network of world-class professionals from engineering, science, entrepreneurial, media and academic arenas who know how to get things done. As we face new challenges, we are proud to count them as reliable colleagues and collaborators with whom we can work.


Mike Alvarez, 50

CEO, Board member and Treasurer.  Ecliptic officer, VP of Business Development for 8 years and Chief Engineer for 3 years.  Extensive experience in satellite control systems and test equipment in support of mission operations.  Accomplished software engineer and software development manager.

Riki Munakata, 36

COO.  Experienced mechanical systems engineer and project/program manager.  In-depth expefrience with the globally adopted CubeSat nanosatellite standard and related payload accommodation systems and interfaces.

Steve Labrecque, 57

CTO.  Extensive background in electronics design, assembly and testing, instrumentation systems, and sensor engineering, assembly and testing.   Experience with space hardware, major telescope instrument projects and ship-based instrumentation systems.

Rex Ridenoure, 65

VP, Director of Mission Services, Board member and Board Secretary.  Ecliptic co-founder and officer, and CEO for the first 17 years of the company. Distinguished career as a space-mission engineer and system architect on more than a dozen space missions. Champion of expanded commercialization of space activities.

Board of Directors

In addition to Alvarez and Ridenoure, others on Ecliptic's Board of Directors are:

Peter Sperling, 62

Non-Executive Chairman.  Experienced entrepreneur, corporate executive and manager.

John Scully, Ph.D., 70 

Ecliptic co-founder.  CFO for first 16 years of company.  Broad experience in management and staff roles such as corporate controller, director of finance, auditor and educator.