Broad Applications

Ecliptic's rugged products are tailored to perform in extreme environments, often on remote platforms far from human access.

Projects benefit from having these systems onboard their platforms in various ways, as summarized here.

Markets Served

 Improved Situational Awareness


Launch vhecile operation

 Shuttle seq 

Launch vehicle operation

 MER A ground-lit solids 

Strap-on solid rocket motor staging

 MO air-lit solids

Strap-on solid rocket motor staging

 MO fairing sep

Fairing separation

 MO staging

Rocket staging

 MO spin-up 

Spacecraft spin-up and separation

 ICO G1 antenna 

Spacecraft antenna deployment

 Cygnus and ISS 

Proximity operations

Phenomenology Assessment

 Atlas plume

Engine plume dynamics

 MRT plume in LWIR 

Engine plume temperatures


 Hypersonic flow effects

 SS1 entry

Entry dynamics

Subsystem Control and Data Handling


Science payload control

 Taurus II DVC 

Video system control (digital)

 Delta II AVS 

Video system control (analog)

Human Factors Assessment

 SS1 X1 

Pilot operations

Education, Public Outreach and Media

 SS1 first flight 

Historic firsts

 Shuttel ETVS 

Historic lasts

 LCROSS approach 

Participatory science

 Dish Earth 

Cable television