Feb 15


Northrop Grumman CRS mission #16 (NG-16, on Antares 230) (approx. date)
Apr 15


Northrop Grumman CRS mission #15 (NG-15, on Antares 230) (approx. date)
Jun 15


Northrop Grumman CRS mission #17 (NG-17, on Antares 230) (approx. date)


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Date Headline
2014 Apr 28 Webby Awards
North American Eagle Supersonic Car Featured in Webby Winner Episode Rocketcam icon
Webby Awards honor excellence on the Internet. Ecliptic is a partner on the North American Eagle team, a project featured in this episode of "The List" and a 2014 Webby Award winner in the Adventure and Travel category.
2014 Mar 03 Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation
A 7-Camera Ecliptic RocketCam Video System Captures Large Antenna Deployment in Geostationary Orbit for SiriusXM and Space Systems/Loral Rocketcam icon
This was an Ecliptic news release
2014 Sep 04 Space News
Altius Pushes Small-satellite Launcher Using Cygnus Cargo Tug
Ecliptic's avionics and sensor systems are baselined in the Hatchbasket system design
2014 Dec 29 Astro Watch
Arizona State University Students Design Martian Weather Forecasting Tool
The core video system in the SPARC payload is a RocketCam system from Ecliptic
2014 Oct 16 The Planetary Society
As Deadlines Loom, LightSail Bends but Doesn't Break
Ecliptic is the lead system contractor for the LightSail effort
2014 Sep 16 Spaceflight Now
Boeing, SpaceX Share $6.8 Billion Crew Contract
RocketCam systems will provide onboard views during Boeing's CST-100 test launches
2014 Feb 18 Spaceflight Now
Commercial Cargo Carrier Leaves Space Station
This was the second Cygnus mission with a RocketCam system onboard
2014 Sep 02 Spaceflight Now
Delta 2 Rocket Erected to Launch SMAP Mission
This Delta 2 is the final Delta 2 scheduled to launch with RocketCam onboard -- the last of a series of 27 RocketCam-outfitted Delta 2 launches since 1997 and 34 in the Delta rocket family
2014 Jun 27 Space Exploration Network
Delta II Rocket Poised to Launch Carbon-Hunting Telescope
An Ecliptic RocketCam system will provide onboard views of the launch and ascent to orbit
2014 Jul 12 Spaceflight Now
Follow Next RocketCam Launch: Cygnus / Orb-2 on Antares, Now Scheduled For Jul 13
A RocketCam system will provide views from onboard the Cygnus cargo vehicle as it heads to ISS for another resupply mission