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Ecliptic's RocketCam™ Captures Inaugural Delta IV Launch

2002 Nov 21

Mission marks fourth new rocket platform in 2002 for the advanced imaging system

Note: This is the full text of an Ecliptic news release distributed today by PR Newswire.

Pasadena, CA – November 21, 2002 – Yesterday's inaugural launch of Boeing's Delta IV rocket marks the fourth new rocket platform this year for Ecliptic Enterprise's RocketCam™ onboard imaging system, used to provide dramatic, live color video of all key events from launch and ascent through insertion into orbit.

RocketCams also provided the unprecedented onboard video televised live from NASA's Space Shuttle in October, as well as the real-time images during the debut of Lockheed Martin's Atlas 5 in August. The system was used for the first time onboard Lockheed Martin's Titan IV in January.

To date, RocketCams have been used with 100% success on nearly two dozen launches since 1997 – including Boeing Delta II and Delta III rockets and Lockheed Martin Atlas 2 and Atlas 3 models.

For yesterday's near-sunset Delta IV launch, RocketCam captured the action from several minutes before liftoff through the placement of the payload – a telecommunications satellite for Eutelsat S.A. of France – into orbit, approximately 30 minutes after leaving Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The Delta IV RocketCam cameras supplied the Boeing launch team with two unique perspectives: a view looking aft along the huge rocket's outer skin and a complementary view from inside the rocket's second stage, also looking aft. The team was able to switch between the two as the rocket – a Delta IV Medium 4,2 model – climbed through the outer limits of the atmosphere and into space.

Available exclusively through Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation in Pasadena, CA, applications of the RocketCam product line have been successfully extended this year to the four new launch systems, high-altitude balloons, rocket-powered aircraft and specialized testing facilities – with plans well underway for applications on spacecraft, other types of aircraft, remote science stations and boats in coming years.

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