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Ecliptic's RocketCam to Capture Commemorative Flight of Wright Flyer Replica

2002 Dec 17

Note: This is the full text of an Ecliptic news release distributed today by PR Newswire.

Pasadena, CA – December 17, 2002 – Ecliptic's RocketCam™ imaging system will provide onboard video of the commemorative flight of Utah State University's full-scale modern replica of the Wright brothers' historic aircraft, the Wright Flyer.

RocketCam is the popular imaging system that provided the unprecedented onboard video televised live from NASA's Space Shuttle Atlantis in October, as well as the real-time images transmitted from the debut of Lockheed Martin's Atlas 5 rocket in August and Boeing's Delta IV rocket in November. The USU Wright Flyer was constructed by Logan-based Utah State University's College of Engineering (Mechanical and Aerospace and Industrial Technology departments), the USU Research Foundation and the Space Dynamics Laboratory as part of the nationwide celebration of the 100th anniversary of powered flight, which kicked off today in Washington, D.C. Formal rollout of the craft occurred at the Logan Airport on August 24 this year. Initial test flights are scheduled to start in late January 2003.

Plans call for employing RocketCam systems during each phase of the airplane's test program next spring and on the demonstration flight in July at the Centennial of Flight premiere event in the Wright brothers' hometown, Dayton, Ohio. Initially, RocketCam video of the plane's operation from the pilot's point of view will be recorded onboard for later playback and analysis. As experience with the craft builds, options will be assessed for adding additional RocketCams to provide alternative onboard views and for enabling live video-transmission capability.

To date, RocketCams have performed with 100 percent success on nearly two dozen launches since 1997 including (in addition to the three above) Boeing Delta II and Delta III rockets and Lockheed Martin Atlas 2, Atlas 3 and Titan IV models. This past summer, a RocketCam was also successfully integrated with the first rocket-powered airplane built in recent memory–the XCOR Aerospace EZ-Rocket–providing onboard views similar to those expected from the Wright Flyer replica. Video highlights of these launches and projects may be viewed at

Available exclusively through Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation in Pasadena, CA, the RocketCam product line has been successfully extended this year to such other platforms as high-altitude balloons, experimental aircraft and specialized testing facilities–with plans underway for applications on spacecraft, other types of aircraft, remote science stations and boats.

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