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RocketCamâ„¢ Captures Successful SIRTF Launch and Deployment

2003 Aug 25

NASA's SIRTF spacecraft, the infrared analog to the Hubble Space Telescope, was successfully launched early today (Monday, Florida time) by a Boeing-built Delta II rocket. Key launch and ascent events were captured by an aft-looking Ecliptic-supplied RocketCamâ„¢ onboard imaging system (see previous Ecliptic News item), though shortly after liftoff water from the launch pad's water deluge system largely flooded the camera's view, which eventually cleared up high into the stratosphere.

Later, a foward-looking RocketCam was scheduled to view SIRTF separation from the Delta second stage, but unfortunately a tracking station in Australia failed to lock on to any downlinked telemetry data or video signals during this key event. This RocketCam was verified to be operating well during a pass over the Indian Ocean about 30 minutes earlier.

SIRTF was placed in the desired orbit and is apparently healthy.

This marks the 28th successful launch with RocketCams since 1997. Highlights of the SIRTF RocketCam footage will be posted on Ecliptic's Gallery page in about a week, so please return soon!

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