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Ecliptic Congratulates Scaled Composites and Vulcan on Successful Space Shot

2004 Jun 21

Pasadena, CA – June 17, 2004 – The privately developed suborbital SpaceShipOne vehicle successfully reached space altitude early today high above Mojave, California. Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation congratulates Scaled Composites and Vulcan on this historic achievement.

A detailed summary of today's flight appears at Spaceflight Now.

For nearly two years Ecliptic has supported this pioneering program as principal supplier of onboard video systems for the rocket-powered SpaceShipOne and its dual turbojet-powered launch aircraft, White Knight.

This novel aerospace system for enabling private human suborbital access to space was designed and built by Scaled Composites of Mojave, California, starting with initial concept definition in 1995. The firm also conducts the system's flight test program for sponsor Paul Allen, who is funding the program via his multi-faceted holding company, Vulcan, Inc.

"Ecliptic is pleased to be a part of the Paul Allen/Scaled Composites team in the development of the first private manned space capability, as a supplier of the real-time video data system," said CEO Rex Ridenoure. "Scaled selected our RocketCam™ product line to enhance their goal of developing a safe space vehicle at the minimum possible flight operating cost. We look forward to furthering our participation that will lead to a new industry of affordable space tourism."

Sample onboard camera views from this ongoing development and test program are available at (select "Featured project: SpaceShipOne" and then "Photos").

"The Ecliptic real-time video data system met our specifications and allowed us to meet our goals", said Burt Rutan, at the event that demonstrated the emergence of privately developed manned space flight capability. Now the Scaled team is poised to make a run at the $10 million Ansari X Prize later this year.

Since 1997, Ecliptic's rugged RocketCam systems have been used successfully on 30 rocket launches–including Boeing Delta II, Delta III and Delta IV rockets; Lockheed Martin Atlas 2, Atlas 3 and Atlas 5 models; Lockheed Martin Titan IV; and NASA's Space Shuttle External Tank. Dramatic highlights from these launches may be viewed at Ecliptic's website.

A record number of launches with RocketCam occurred in 2003, and many more are expected in 2004, including RocketCam debuts on the Delta IV Heavy and Minotaur rockets and launch of the first mission involving a RocketCam-outfitted spacecraft in Earth orbit. RocketCam systems will also be employed later this year on projects involving high-altitude balloons, experimental aircraft, test facilities, marine vehicles and other platforms.

About Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation: Ecliptic provides systems for accessing and experiencing space and other extreme environments. Its technical staff has a broad range of direct experience on over 55 space missions, including several recent deep-space missions and numerous low-cost missions involving small satellites. The privately held firm's core competencies include space systems engineering, aerospace avionics, instrument systems and aerospace telecommunications. Its popular RocketCam™ product line is dominant in the space arena and is also used on a variety of host platforms in the air, land and sea arenas. See more at

RocketCam™ is a trademark of Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation.

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