Mar 15

Delta II

ICESat-2 (approx. date)
Mar 15


Orbital ATK CRS mission #9 (OA-9, on Antares 230) (approx. date)
Apr 30

3U CubeSat integrated with Prox 1 (launched on Falcon Heavy / STP-2 mission)

LightSail-2 solar sailing demo (earliest date)
May 15


Orbital ATK CRS mission #10 (OA-10, on Antares 230) (approx. date)


RocketCam™ view from SpaceShipOne featured at Astronomy Picture of the Day

2004 Jun 25

The popular space-themed website Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) has once again featured a dramatic view from one of Ecliptic's RocketCam™ onboard video systems, this time from a pioneering flight of the SpaceShipOne suborbital vehicle, the first privately funded system to loft a human to space altitude.

The APOD photo is from an earlier SpaceShipOne flight than the one on June 21 this year which lofted pilot Mike Melvill to just over the boundary of space at 100 km (62 miles, or 328,000 feet).

Ecliptic's RocketCam systems have been an integral part of the SpaceShipOne development effort for the past two years.

This feature in APOD marks the 8th time a RocketCam view has served for a day. Previous dates include 2003 September 22 (Opportunity launch); 2003 July 28 (Spirit launch); 2002 October 23 (STS-112 launch); 2002 September 16 (Atlas 5 launch); 2001 April 9 (Mars Odyssey launch); 1999 April 5 (Stardust launch); and 1998 December 24 (Mars Climate Orbiter launch).

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