Sep 1

Spacecraft separation sequencers (launched on Falcon 9 payload module)

Spaceflight SSO-A (earliest launch date)
Sep 12

Delta II [Final Delta II launch]

ICESat-2 (approx. date)
Sep 15

North American Eagle 800-mph supersonic car

World land speed record attempt (approx. date)
Oct 30

3U CubeSat integrated with Prox 1 (launched on Falcon Heavy / STP-2 mission)

LightSail-2 solar sailing demo (earliest launch date)


DART Spacecraft Oct 26 Launch Scrubbed; Next Opportunities Are Oct 28 and Nov 4

2004 Oct 26

Todays planned launch of the first spacecraft with an Ecliptic RocketCamâ„¢ video system on board, DART, was scrubbed due to concerns over the local weather and technical issues with DART's Earth-orbiting target satellite, MUBLCOM. The launch was scheduled for 11:15 a.m. PDT today by a Pegasus XL winged rocket off the California coast near Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Real-time online coverage of the launch, rendezvous and proximity operations events by Justin Ray is available at Spaceflight Now.

Read more background on this mission and Ecliptic's role in it in yesterday's Ecliptic News piece.

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