Sep 1

Spacecraft separation sequencers (launched on Falcon 9 payload module)

Spaceflight SSO-A (earliest launch date)
Sep 12

Delta II [Final Delta II launch]

ICESat-2 (approx. date)
Sep 15

North American Eagle 800-mph supersonic car

World land speed record attempt (approx. date)
Oct 30

3U CubeSat integrated with Prox 1 (launched on Falcon Heavy / STP-2 mission)

LightSail-2 solar sailing demo (earliest launch date)


Ecliptic RocketCamâ„¢ Digital Video System Captures Medium Range Target Launch Action

2005 Nov 18

Read about the details in these on-line postings:

APL Provides a Unique View of Successful Intercept Test (APL)

Orbital Successfully Launches Medium-Range Target for Missile Defense Test (Orbital)

Lockheed Martin Team Launches Target Missile for Aegis Test (Lockheed Martin)

And read about the DVS at Ecliptic's RocketCamâ„¢ products page.

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