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Spacecraft separation sequencers (launched on Falcon 9 payload module)

Spaceflight SSO-A (earliest launch date)
Sep 12

Delta II [Final Delta II launch]

ICESat-2 (approx. date)
Sep 15

North American Eagle 800-mph supersonic car

World land speed record attempt (approx. date)
Oct 30

3U CubeSat integrated with Prox 1 (launched on Falcon Heavy / STP-2 mission)

LightSail-2 solar sailing demo (earliest launch date)


Ecliptic Marks 100th RocketCam™ Success on NASA's GRAIL Launch

2011 Sep 10

Pasadena, CA – September 10, 2011.  The successful launch of NASA's twin GRAIL lunar orbiters aboard a Delta II rocket from Florida also marked another notable success: the 100th successful launch of a RocketCam™ onboard video system.  Since 1997, with no known failures, RocketCam has been employed on 93 rocket launches and 7 spacecraft missions to capture the action and improve situational awareness for project stakeholders.

During the GRAIL launch, a single forward-looking RocketCam camera captured the scene from Earth orbit as each GRAIL spacecraft separated from the upper stage of the Delta II rocket, starting their months-long journeys to the Moon. Read more about the launch and early mission activities here.

Video highlights (courtesy NASA) of the GRAIL separations may be viewed at Ecliptic's RocketCam channel on YouTube.

About Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation:  Ecliptic is the world's leading supplier of onboard video systems for use with rockets and spacecraft–its RocketCam™ product family–and enjoys a strong customer base in commercial, civil and defense markets. RocketCam fans should expect to see on average one launch every 4 to 8 weeks for the next several years. The privately held firm's core competencies include aerospace-grade avionics, rugged video and imaging systems, sensors and instrumentation, ground-support system, small payload systems and selected advanced concept development.  For several years, video and payload control systems on spacecraft in Earth orbit and at the Moon have been a solid and growing part of the firm's business base.  Ecliptic has offices in Pasadena and Silicon Valley, California.  See more at

RocketCam™ is a trademark of Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation.

Contact: Rex Ridenoure, President/Space Programs, Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation, (626) 278-0435

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