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Ecliptic Brochure 2011 1Q



Ecliptic's Product Family: Big Results From Small Systems

Ecliptic supplies several families of rugged, aerospace-grade avionics and related software, analog and digital video and imaging systems, rugged stand-alone sensors, ground test and support equipment, and small space-payload capabilities.


Our avionics units provide a variety of functions for controlling and monitoring electrical and mechanical functions onboard remote platforms, allowing for real-time and stored configuration changes, flexible subsystem sequencing and data handling, store-and-forward data-transfer capability, output bandwidth management and operational flexibility.

Integrated RocketCam™ Systems

If you're seeking improved situational awareness on your rocket, spacecraft or other remote platform, you can count on our renowned integrated RocketCam™ systems -- the world's leading brand of cost-effective onboard imaging systems.

Sensors and Instrumentation

Whether in Earth orbit, at the Moon or Mars or almost anywhere in between or on these solar-system bodies, we'll get your picture, capitalizing on our experience with a variety of RocketCam™ sensor options.  Most of these rugged sensors can be adapted for use with other remote platforms such as UAVs, aircraft, military systems, extreme test facilities, etc.

Ground Support Systems

A family of ground support workstations allow you to exercise your system during your project's integration, test and operations phases.

Small Payload Systems

But we don't stop here. Ecliptic also provides several cost-effective capabilities for supporting small payload systems (secondary payloads and hosted payloads) on rockets and spacecraft, or for meeting packaging challenges on aircraft and other remote platforms.

Advanced Concepts

We're always investigating improvements to our product family and new applications for them.   Check out what may be on the horizon here.