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Ecliptic is the world’s leading supplier of rugged video systems for use on rockets, spacecraft and in other extreme environments. Founded in 2001, we apply our extensive experience in the design, analysis, assembly, testing and operations of aerospace systems and subsystems. From the Big Picture to the details, we know our business.

Award Winning Ingenuity

Our staff’s combined experience includes dozens of award-winning and headline-making space missions and aerospace projects. We are typically involved in a launch or mission every 4 to 6 weeks. Our customers range from aerospace-related firms in the United States and abroad to academic and media outlets, as well as non-profit organizations.

Rugged Spacecraft Avionics

Our compact, rugged spacecraft avionics and control units simplify subsystem interfaces and make monitoring and controlling subsystems and experiments easier and more effective. We offer a wide variety of spacecraft avionics, data handling systems and experiment control systems as well as our popular RocketCam™ systems. Our product families include:

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