Sensors and Instrumentation

We offer many sensor and instrumentation options for our integrated RocketCamâ„¢ systems or other subsystems on a host platform.

From ruggedized visible and IR cameras (with or without fairings) to high-speed and high-definition cameras to illuminators and more, we offer you many choices and options.

Sensors & Instrumentation

At Ecliptic we’re dedicated to designing rugged and reliable data handling systems for aerospace platforms operating in extreme environments. Our systems provide a range of functions for controlling, sequencing and operating various suites of sensors and instrumentation.

Aerospace Sensors

We offer a variety of sensors for numerous aerospace applications. We specialize in systems that capture high-quality video and imagery from remote locations. We offer a variety of cameras and instruments including:
  • Standard (NTSC of PAL) color video cameras
  • High-definition video cameras and imagers
  • High-speed video cameras
  • Infrared and ultraviolet video cameras and imagers

We also offer a variety of housing units and protective covers that will stand up to the most extreme environments and elements. We can design and build custom camera housing units that fit the needs of your project.

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Stand-alone NTSC color video camera with mounting bracket

 NTSC-narrow FOV 

Stand-alone narrow-angle NTSC color video camera with mounting bracket

 NTSC clamped 

Stand-alone NTSC color video camera with clamp mount


High-speed video camera


High-definition video camera


Long-wave IR (LWIR) video camera


Low-light, lab-quality video camera completely repackaged for use on launch vehicle

 NTSC in Delta pod

NTSC color video camera in fiberglass aerodynamic fairing

 Delta pod_maounted 

External camera pod (as mounted on rocket)

 NTSC in Atlas pod

 NTSC color video camera in aluminum aerodynamic fairing

 Minotaur fairing

Aerodynamic fairing for launch vehicle

 SRB camera 

Camera mounting inside external pod


External camera pod integral with access door

 LWIR fairing

Titanium fairing for LWIR video camera

 MRT pod

Camera-fairing integration

 Inside LWIR fairing

Inside the LWIR camera fairing

 Aircraft fairing

Aerodynamic fairing for aircraft

 Shielded NTSC

NTSC color video camera shielded for space radiation 


Dual-camera system for viewing Earth from GEO

 E-11 ICA rendering

CAD model of dual-camera system for viewing Earth from GEO


Triple-camera system for viewing large antenna deployments at GEO


Assessing lens options for Shuttle SRB RocketCam systems (collaboration with USA)

 Themis scoping

Assessing fiber-optic camera placement for NASA's THEMIS mission (collaboration with Swales)

 Camera MICD 

Mechanical Interface Control Document (MICD)


Spacecraft situational awareness sensor cluster

 Integral light

Integral LED light

 Separate light

Independent LED light

 Custom chassis

Custom-designed camera chassis

 Integral to lid

Integrated camera-chassis lid assembly

 Lens work

Lens ruggedization


Assessing camera repackaging options

 CIT spectrometer

Repackaged medical spectrometer

 Connector work

Camera connector ruggedization