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At Ecliptic, we are leaders in satellite cameras and avionics for space with over 20 years of proven space flight heritage. We have participated in major space programs from Space Shuttle, ISS, to Artemis Gateway.

We are committed to supplying rugged, aerospace-grade systems for capturing, controlling, and managing data on rockets and spacecrafts.

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We participate in key space missions


Satellite Cameras

Our space cameras have successfully participated in more than 150 space missions.

We manufacture reliable, high performance cameras and image acquisition and processing systems that deliver great flexibility and usability for our customers.

​ We have a proven track record of extensive flight history with over 20 years of experiences in space avionics and sensors.

Space Avionics

The best avionics for space.

Ecliptic incorporates the best avionics for space, including payload controllers and sequencers, as well as layer 3 switches.

We specialize in design, production, test, and qualification of controllers, sequencers, and on-board switches for all types of space applications.​