Satellite cameras for space applications

In Ecliptic we have accumulated over 20 years of experience in the space sector. Throughout this time we have incorporated into our product portfolio the best image acquisition and processing systems, achieving the development of space cameras that have successfully participated in more than 150 space missions.


More than 20 years of leadership in the space industry

The imaging and camera systems we manufacture at Ecliptic allow great flexibility and usability, as they are modular or section-based, which makes it easy to reuse these modules with a proven track record of extensive flight history. In addition, we provide sensor configurations that can be interchangeable with single or multiple cameras, a variety of host interfaces, and multiple processing functions.​

Thanks to our developments and technology, Ecliptic has been able to participate in major space missions, such as the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station or even Artemis, NASA's major program to bring humans back to the Moon.​

Past missions include launchers and spacecraft for LEO, MEO, GEO, cislunar and lunar orbits and other exploration vehicles.​

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Satellite cameras based on a modular architecture

Based on a modular architecture, the use cases of our space cameras product line include earth observation, space craft monitoring, space exploration and surveillance.

Earth observation

Spacecraft monitoring

Space exploration



Our products in detail

Our space flight heritage accumulates more than 20 years, two decades of work that have allowed us to develop a portfolio of space cameras including single-camera video systems and multi-camera digital video systems.

Single Camera Video Systems

Our system can be configured following client requirements including visible (SD, Full HD, 4K), LWIR, SWIR, VNIR and Cooled MWIR, multispectral, spectrometers/ Hyperspectral and Star Tracker

Multi-Camera Digital Video Systems (DVS)

Supports 8 or more cameras in a single solution. Has optional sandbox with customer specific algorithms (e.g., AI-driven apps) and host interface options: MIL-STD-1553B CMD & TLM or LVDS, RS422, UART.


How we configure the optimal video system


Modular approach

All imaging systems are modular or slice-based which enable reuse of proven existing modules with extensive spaceflight heritage from our catalog


Customer and mission requirements

We provide the expertise to configure a tailored heritage system to meet your mission requirements. We use the modules from our internal catalog, and we also include customized optics proposed by our experts.


Selection of the desired configuration

Through collaboration with our customers, we determine the optimal configuration for the required space mission specifications, schedule, and budget.


Mission customized space flight-heritage product

We build, qualify and deliver the system selected with the proven space flight heritage of over 500 cameras and over 100 space avionics systems for rockets, LEO, MEO, cis-lunar and lunar missions schedule, and budget..


We collaborate with

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